Paver Sealing

Why Seal Pavers?

Sealing protects the pavers and preserves their Beauty. Sealing your pavers will intensify the color and pattern, add a beautiful shine to the surface and make your pavers easier to clean.  The sealer generates a barrier on the surface of the pavers and a gloss finish to prolong the color.

What should I know before Sealing my Pavers?

1. Before you have your pavers sealed you should have them professionally cleaned.

2. The first time your pavers are sealed it will last about one to two years.

3. It’s usually a 1-day process.

4. The sealer will harden enough in a few hours for pedestrian traffic, but cars should not drive on new sealed pavers for at least 24 hours.

5. Make sure the area is dry before walking on it.

6. Make sure that there are no broken or cracked pavers. If there is, fix it before proceeding.

7. All repairs needs to be done before applying the sealer.